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GB-2 GEARBOX Video Cage

The PNC GearBox was designed to provide mounting options for the growing number of accessories needed for today's small video camera shooter. The new GearBox can support a full size Canon 5D Mark II inside of the cage without using the included extension adapters. With the extension adapters installed, the GearBox can support larger camera bodies.

The top black anodized metal bracket carries (14) 1/4-20 threaded holes and (9) 1/4" pass through holes for mounting a variety of hot shoe adapters, mini ball heads, or P&C Friction Arms. The black anodized metal bottom bracket has (5) 1/4-20 threaded mounts available underneath to attach a quick release plate if the entire GearBox unit needs to be tripod mounted.

Two rubber coated handles allow comfortable hand held operation and are spread apart to stabilize hand-held shooting styles. The GearBox has been designed to be portable, modular, lightweight, and can be easily disassembled to take up minimal bag space when traveling.

The GearBox Rod Adapter includes two 15mm rails and attaches under the GearBox through (4) small Hex screws. The flat base under the Rod Adapter still allows use of a Tripod Mount to attach the GearBox + Rod Adapter to a video Fluid head.

(Above) Example of use. Accessories are not included with this purchase. GearBox shown with  GB-R 15mm Rod Adapter ,  PNC Swiss Rod ,  PNC Variable Position Friction Arms  and other accessories.

(Above) Example of use. Accessories are not included with this purchase. GearBox shown with GB-R 15mm Rod AdapterPNC Swiss RodPNC Variable Position Friction Arms and other accessories.

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