The Mogopod is a fully reversible monopod / crane system.

on one end usability in the traditional sense of Camera Support. 

perfect for full DSLR systems, mirror less systems and even compact point and shoot cameras.

flip it over and its perfect for a crane or pole system, supporting everything from small cameras such as a GoPro for overhead shooting to a place to put your microphone or remote flash. 

the Mogopod comes in 2 sizes, M & S and includes a shoulder strap for added stability or carry convenience. The M giving you the working height of a traditional monopod. The S for portability and use as a crane/ jib, or stabilizer when combined with the optional belt pivot.


The Mogopod Crane system creates your own mini jib system freeing you up to move around, create vertical movement and multi directional angles.

you can purchase this as a kit which includes the Mogopod S, a fluid video head and the belt pivot, or as individual pieces to build your own kit with your existing head.

using the optional belt pivot gives you the added functionality of a built in stabilizer and combine it with the included shoulder strap for even more security.


Mogopod Accessories

Mogocrane Belt

Mogopod belt wraps around your waist to support the weight of your camera system on your hips for portable and versatile shooting.

the threaded compact aluminum unit lets you attach a mogopod to your waist to create overhead shots as a mini jib or a stabilizer from your waist instead of carrying the weight on your shoulder. 


Tripod Legs Stand

The tripod leg accessory allows you to add a stable base to your Mogopod.

the base is made of three 8" foldable metal legs with rubber tips for traction and a center locking rubber foot for added stability.

unlock the center foot to transform the base into a fluid pivot at the bottom to add even more versatility and freedom of movement.

Mogocrane Belt

Mogocrane Belt

Tripod Leg Stand

Tripod Leg Stand