Check out the New Improved SD-1 MARK II Slider Dolly

Major Upgrades to the Slider Dolly System 

Available Now

Kamerar SD-1 MARK II Slider Dolly System

The SD-1 MARK II features new ball bearing rollers

New Pulley System on the MARK II end caps


Drag the camera from either end for unique perspectives

The widely popular SD-1 Slider Dolly System has a new MARK II version and it comes with a whole bunch of upgrades!

Most noticeable are the new Adjustable Roller Bearings with a frictionless polymer coating for smooth sliding and the new pulley system on each end.

You simply attach a string to the sliding base plate and either pull by hand or attach a weight for counter balance and let gravity do the work.

The Entire Base of the SD-1 MARK II is now Arca Swiss compatible for an easy mounting option with compatible tripod heads.

More Info, Pictures and Videos coming soon to the KAMERAR Page