Carry Speed Upgrades

Carry Speed gets an upgrade !

Some big improvement have been made to the Carry Speed Sling Straps. 

New Stainless Connection System with Quick Release

New F-2 Folding Mounting Plate, still tripod ready

Free Safety Strap now included with every Carry Speed Sling Strap

The connection ball and socket are both now made of Stainless Steel, for better durability and security. Also added is a new Quick Release system for added convenience. 

A redesigned F-2 Folding mounting plate has been trimmed down in size to better fit todays smaller camera bodies. It remains Arca Swiss compatible and is now compatible with some Manfrotto heads as well. It still maintains its tripod mounts to directly attach to any tripod 1/4" attachment or quick release system.

For added piece of mind and complete security we are now including a free safety strap in all of our Carry Speed sling straps.

Check out the CARRY SPEED page for more information