3 legged Thing 24450.jpg
3 legged Thing 24450.jpg



3 Legged Thing Toolz is a new multi-function all-round photography tool, with a keyring, hex key, coin key, bottle opener and carabiner. Designed for convenience, Toolz is the perfect companion for any photography field trip.

The new 3 Legged Thing TOOLZ is a tough, ABS plastic moulded carabiner, with stainless steel tool inserts for multiple functions.


Key Ring - for securing to your keys

Carabiner - for securing to your tripod or bag, or attaching ballast to your tripod

Coin Key - for securing release plates with a coin slot

Hex Key - for adjusting 4mm hex slot components, like release plates

Bottle Opener - for adjusting your moral compass, usually downwards...

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